Southern California R Users

We are an alliance of R users groups in Southern California. No single group can serve this sprawling area, and so we have joined forces to centralize all R group events and information in one place. We currently include R-Ladies Irvine, R-Ladies Riverside, Orange County R Users Group, Los Angeles East R Users Group, R-Ladies LA, R-Ladies Santa Barbara, R-Ladies San Diego, R-Ladies Pasadena, Los Angeles West R Users Group, Santa Barbara R Users Group, and San Luis Obispo R Users Group.

Upcoming Events

Orange County R Users Group
Building R Packages
Apr 27 at 06:30 PM

Join us on Slack

Our R groups recently merged Slack spaces into a single space for all 11 meetups. Keep up with events, ask for help with R, and get to know your local R community: Sign up today and join our network of R Users in Southern California.

SatRDay LA 2019

The first SatRday in Southern California Los Angeles was held on April 6th, 2019 at UCLA! satRday LA was a huge success: tickets sold out and over 180 R users attended. If you missed it, you can watch the recorded talks on YouTube or check out the slides on GitHub. For other event details and announcements, please visit We look forward to seeing you next year at satRday LA 2020!


    R-Ladies Irvine
    R-Ladies Riverside
    Orange County R Users Group
    Los Angeles East R Users Group
    R-Ladies LA
    R-Ladies Santa Barbara
    R-Ladies San Diego
    R-Ladies Pasadena
    Los Angeles West R Users Group
    Santa Barbara R Users Group
    San Luis Obispo R Users Group